Resistance Monument

In September 1507, the coastal town of Khor Fakkan was invaded by the Portuguese but the inhabitants resisted and fought to defend their home town with all that they had.

Lives were lost and atrocities committed. It was the practice of the Portuguese at that time to cut off prisoners’ noses, ears and sometimes hands.

It is in the honour of those strong-willed Khor Fakkan townspeople that the Resistance Tower was built under instruction of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah.

Sheikh Sultan said at the laying of the memorial foundation stone, “It is a blessed day that we laid the foundation stone of a building beautiful in design and great in the meaning it carries, raising its head at the entrance of the city of Khorfakkan to tell the complete history of this city to the whole world. This building will include a park for those who come to Khorfakkan seeking pleasure and knowledge. This building will add beauty to the beauty of the city and the memorial building standing tall on this mountain will be in the shape of a helmet to symbolize the resistance in the city.” (Source

The Portuguese, under Governor Alfonso be Albuquerque, were taking towns all round the Indian Ocean and Gulf coasts, including Julphar, or modern day Ras Al Khaimah, in order to monopolise trade in the Indian Ocean.

In Khor Fakkan, you can visit the site of the Portuguese Fort near the sea front and also learn more about the history of Khor Fakkan the other eastern enclaves of Sharjah at the nearby Hisn Museum.

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